What should a union web page look like and what information should it include?

When you represent the union:  Keep in mind the union image you're presenting is as important as the information.  The "Web" is a dynamic and youthful medium and union sites should reflect that dynamism.  Since many web viewers know nothing about the Union's key goals and concern for people, these should come across on every Union web site.  Include pictures of members, not just leaders, for example, illustrating that the members are what we are there for. 

There are also important responsibilities you take on when you create a union web page:

  • First of all, any document that identifies itself as "union" and  includes a union logo must legally be an official union communication.  For example, you cannot create an individual web page and call it an IBEW page, or use the IBEW logo on it.  The page must be sanctioned as an official communication by the elected leadership of your union or region, if you want to identify it as a regional or local union page.  Use of the official logo requires that you abide by the conditions stated in your International Union's Policy, 
  • Secondly, make sure everything you publish is accurate.  Nothing undermines the union more than to be found stating things that are untrue.  This could also get you into legal trouble.
  • While healthy discussion is encouraged, nothing should be posted on a web site that is proprietary information or that would reflect badly on the Union and its members.

Communications around issues

  • If your site will include information on social and political issues, make sure that you understand your Union's policy or stance on the issue in question.  This does not mean you can't have a lively discussion on issues -- just make sure that where the Union has a clear policy, you don't contradict that policy -- and that you don't make individual opinions appear to be positions of the Union. 
  • If you want to put your individual opinions on the web, you can do so in a special section where the union position is also explained, or on a web page you clearly identify as an individual page, not a union one. 

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