Promote Your Site
Now that you have your site on the web, the next step to promote it.  There are a variety of ways to draw visitors to your site.

  • Print your web address on your business cards, stationary, and other publications.
  • Inform the Webmaster for your union's national Web site so that you can be added to the list of local unions and affiliates. If your state AFL-CIO has a Web site, they may also have links to union locals in the state.
  • Add one or more union web rings to your site.  Web Rings are groups of sites with the same or similar intrests.   Through navigation links on a web ring (found most often at the bottom of Member pages), visitors can travel to all or any of the sites in a Ring. They can move through a Ring in either direction, go to the next or previous site, or list the next five sites in the Ring. They can jump to a random site in the Ring, or survey all the sites that make up the Ring.

Union Ring

Firefighters Union Web Ring



(If you know of other web rings that should be listed here, please let me know)

  • Publicize your Web site to the search engines. Each search engine has a slightly different process for submitting a new Web site URL (Uniform Resource Locator -- your Web address). Many companies advertise that they will submit your Web site to hundreds of search engines for a fee. Don't waste your money on them. You only need to submit to the major search engines. These are:









You will also want to publicize your Web site to some of the services that alert viewers to new Web sites. Two good ones are:

What's New Too!

Internet Scout's Net-happenings

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