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l Union Steward Manual, by Local 1613

l American Labor History - An Online Guide
l  IBEW Web Pages - George Flanagan's list of IBEW local's & IBEW member's pages
l CLUW - Coalition Of Labor Union Women

l Labour Start - Where trade unionists start their day on the net

l Dave's Labor History Page - Labor strikes of 1886 and how they affected Milwaukee and Chicago's infamous Haymarket Square.

l Bosses Are No Laughing Matter - EXCEPT when they are LOSERS. Then work's a joke, producing Crazy Quotes and Anecdotes of Corporate Chaos and Calamity!

l Carol Simpson Productions Labor Cartoon Page - Weekly cartoons aimed at America's corporate establishment and its wholly owned subsidiary the U.S. Government. "Laughs guaranteed to gag your boss."

l Why Union's Matter - by Elaine Bernard, Executive Director, Harvard Trade Union Program.

l FOLDOC - Free On-Line Dictionary On Computing

l National Jobs For All Coalition - Jobs For All at Decent Pay

l Dave McGuire's Labor Pages - Great Site To Visit!!!

l Directory of print shops authorized to use the Allied Printing Trades Label, courtesy of CWA

l The Union Privilege Program - Union benefit plans provided to help Union members and their families save money on a wide range of everyday needs and services.

l Talking Union To Your Kids
l CyberSolidarity Greeting Card Service. The first on-line greeting card service designed especially for labor and human rights activists, brought to you by CyberSolidarity Web Services.
l Talking Union To Your Kids
l Help With College Costs
l Homework Helpers!!!
l Working Women
l Elder Care

l Carpenters Union B.C. - by Dave Livingston, British Columbia


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